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Shhh…Are You Friends with a Gossiper? Don’t Tell Them This…But…They are Your Best Source for Word of Mouth Marketing.


rumor_mill_1600_clr_9751Do you have people within your social media platforms who like to gossip?  Sure.  We all do.  Did you know that those gossipers may be just the people you want to develop the strongest relationships with in order to give your business buzz?

What is a gossiper?  It has been defined as “an instrumental transaction in which A and B trade small talk about C for something in return²’’(p. 158)

The point is they are talking for a reason, whether it is power, control, prestige, fame, leverage, or just simply trying to find a way to boost their safe esteem.  The fact is gossipers like to talk.  This enjoyment of talking can, like most thing be used for good or evil.  If you as a business owner do the create the right time of relationship with a gossiper, that gossiper can be your most effective agent for “electronic word of mouth{ (eWOM) for your business.

Recent research from the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking investigated the question “Do Online Gossipers Promote Brands?¹” What they found gave us insights into the psychology of the gossiper.

Here are some of their conclusions regarding the psychology of Gossipers:

Turning Clients Into Ambassadors for Your Business

introduce_the_figure_800_clr_10905Do you want “Ambassadors” for your business?  You should, they are the most effective free advertising that you can have for your business.  They refer you, bring people to you, and they want to make sure you are successful.  Recently the Journal of Consumer Research pre-released a piece of empirical research for the February issue that identifies the factors that create ambassadors.

The article entitled Place Attachment in Commercial Settings: A Gift Economy Perspective.  The research specifically looked at what factors contribute to clients attachment to a particular business and further looked at are the resultant behaviors of clients who become your ambassadors.

Factors that can turn clients into Ambassadors

sitting_in_chair_relaxing_800_clr_60281.  Familiarity.  This is more than just being acquainted with your place of business.  This is

Social Media has Rules… Especially for Business

I have read from some “social media experts” that social media is whatever you want it to be.  There are, in many opinions, no rules.  It is a free, open forum, where people can do with it what they want.  While on the outside the free speech argument may be partially true, there is within all social media an invisible  set of rules that says your “free speech” may cost you friends, followers, and connections.

It is true that there are very few actual written rules when it comes to any social media platform.  It is a “free speech” platform for the most part.  However, what people are not saying is why a person may “unfriend” you or “hide” your updates on Facebook, “unfollow” you on Twitter, “uncircle” you on Google+, or “disconnect” with you on LinkedIn.  It happens more frequently than you know, and in most cases you do not realize it.   Occasionally you may notice you lost a friend or follower, but would not know if your status updates are hidden.  Try as you will you will rarely if ever get an answer as to why this happened to you.  I have listened to many people after being dropped from a social media platform express frustration, sadness, anger, and even try to find a way to plot revenge for being dropped. Clearly they did not know the rules.

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