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People Quit Twitter? Typical.

A couple of days ago the Nielson Wire reported that people were leaving Twitter at a rate of 60% per month.  Meaning that of all the people that join Twitter in the beginning of the month, only 40% will be around by the end of the month.  Pretty tough on business if you are only have a 40% retention rate…”and now for the rest of the story”.

No one should be alarmed by this news.  It actually appears to be quite typical when you compare the retention rates of other social networks when they started.  For instance, Facebook and MySpace experience similar problems in their beginnings as well.


Twitter Facebook MySpace Retention Comparison Graph

Currently Facebook and MySpace have nearly a 70% retention rate.  Which is nearly double when they started.

Honestly, I like Twitter’s odds.  If you are a regular user you already know the benefits of using Twitter.  I know that many people leave Twitter because they just do not understand the benefit.  Some just don’t want to take the time to learn what Twitter is all about.   Most of the time the problem is people want some immediate return.  If they don’t get business immediately they dump the idea, count it as worthless,  and try to convince themselves and others, that we are morons for using it.     Not to worry, we so called Twitter Morons are happy to do business without you.   After a while it happens.  The “naysayers”  come back around and start using the very thing they called us morons for using.  They are late adapters, they try to catch up only to stay lagging behind, while the next piece of the internet/social media puzzle comes into place.  Their skepticism continues, and they stay behind, because of their unwillingness to be adventurous or embrace new  technology.

Ultimately it’s all good.  Twitter will be around for a long time.  It’s perfect for the high ADD world we live in and get the information we are looking for without having to read some long drawn out column or BLOG like this one.

Happy Tweeting!

To Your Business Success.


Dr. Jay Your Internet Doctor

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